Portrait Drawings

My portrait drawings are done with a variety of mediums including charcoal, pencil and black, white and occasionally red chalk on toned paper. The result of each medium produces life-like expressions of my subjects without the complication of color. These tonal renderings can range from a loose sketch which aims to capture my sitter’s true […]

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I strive for the absolute highest level of customer satisfaction with each and every commission that I accept. In order to ensure this level of satisfaction, I keep my clients very involved in my process. This means that we calloborate to determine the style, composition, lighting and colors that will best suit the subject. Only […]

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Commissioned Portrait Prices

Below is a list of my pricing which is ¬†based on specific standard sizes. Other compositional elements to consider in your painting would be a beloved family pet, a child’s favorite doll or toy, etc. Each additional item however would be factored into the final price. The first step is deciding upon a moment or […]

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Pastel Portraits

If vivid color and spontaneity are qualities that you would like to incorporate into a portrait then a pastel is a great option. Many of the works on this page are vignettes – certain parts are left unresolved and fade into the paper. This type of portrayal is particularly pleasing in representing children, where each […]

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Oil Still Life’s

The paintings on this page are a combination of commissions and personal visions/ideas. Creating a facsimile of intricate textures and surfaces has always been of particular interest to me, especially when rendering small objects. I enjoy the intimacy of objects which are no larger than something which could fit into someone’s palm. Each still life […]

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