Pastel Portraits

If vivid color and spontaneity are qualities that you would like to incorporate into a portrait then a pastel is a great option. Many of the works on this page are vignettes – certain parts are left unresolved and fade into the paper. This type of portrayal is particularly pleasing in representing children, where each […]

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Portrait Drawings

My portrait drawings are done with a variety of mediums including charcoal, pencil and black, white and occasionally red chalk on toned paper. The result of each medium produces life-like expressions of my subjects without the complication of color. These tonal renderings can range from a loose sketch which aims to capture my sitter’s character […]

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Pet Portraits

We love our pets. They are members of our family. They are our best friends. Our love for them is unconditional, and they return that love to us tenfold. What better way can we appreciate our beloved companions than to have their spirit portrayed in an original drawing or painting?  If you’d like me to […]

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Oil Still Life’s

The paintings on this page are a combination of commissions and personal visions/ideas. Creating a facsimile of intricate textures and surfaces has always been of particular interest to me, especially when rendering small objects. I enjoy the intimacy of objects which are no larger than something which could fit into someone’s palm. Each still life […]

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Still Life: Mixed Mediums on Paper

Imagery has the power to remind us of past events or moments in our lives that have become buried in our subconscious mind. I enjoy the process of reawakening these memories by creating highly vivid replications of small objects which hold a thread to our childhood. My latest series of works on paper explores foods, […]

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