Portrait Drawings

“Evelyn” charcoal & white chalk on toned paper (11 x 14)
“Anna” pencil on toned paper (16 x 20)
“Gerome” pencil on paper (16 x 20)
“Sophia” Charcoal on paper (11 x 14)
“Rebecca” pencil on paper (11 x 14)
“Rebecca’s Gaze” charcoal on paper (11 x 14)
“Jessica” pencil on paper (8×10)

My portrait drawings are done with a variety of mediums including charcoal, pencil and black, white and occasionally red chalk on toned paper. The result of each medium produces life-like expressions of my subjects without the complication of color. These tonal renderings can range from a loose sketch which aims to capture my sitter’s character with bold and expressive applications of line and value to a more refined representation where every detail is replicated with exactitude. Pricing is dependent on the level of finish desired and size.

For more information please see my pricing page or give me a call (609) 203-6270 or email www.riverafinearts@gmail.com.

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